“A bad day eating candy is better than a good day eating a salad.”

Little Apple Treats

Sweet treats come in all forms, therefore we have unique and tempting offerings for those who prefer non-traditional sweets.

Such as sweet and savory chutneys and spreads to spicy relish that is made right here in NJ.

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Little Apple Treats

Little Apple Treats

Handcrafted delicious products from a certified organic apple farm in CA, made in small batches to ensure freshness!
Luv the Grub

Love the grub

Homemade chutneys & spreads made from reduced “ugly” produce grown in Canada. A product that not only tastes great but spreads love to people & the planet.

Tea drops

Fair Trade, Organic, Kosher, Woman Owned & Led. Environmentally Friendly, American made, high quality tea experience. Partnered with Thirst Project, Tea Drops has built 4 water wells & donated enough clean water to support of 167,232 individuals and counting!

Making the world sweeter.

Our store is every candy lover's dream!